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15 December, 2008

The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant

We have been waiting for this book for a long time. It’s coming out in March 2009. 

Pre-order now at the link above.

Shipping in March 2009.
The 1st 1000 pre-orders get a book signed by the author.

Audio interview with Nick Bryant here:

Click on the link at the top: “Listen to author interviews” for the mp3 of a fantastic interview with author, Nick Bryant.

A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal

Allegations of crimes, conspiracies, and cover-ups in the heartland and the capital
A chilling exposé of corporate corruption and government cover-ups, this account of a nationwide child-trafficking and pedophilia ring in the United States tells a sordid tale of corruption in high places. The scandal originally surfaced during an investigation into Omaha, Nebraska's failed Franklin Federal Credit Union and took the author beyond the Midwest and ultimately to Washington, DC. Implicating businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, and even the venerable Boys Town organization, this extensively researched report includes firsthand interviews with key witnesses and explores a controversy that has received scant media attention.

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL is the story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of Republican powerbrokers who used Boys Town as a pedophiliac reservoir, had access to the highest levels of our government, and connections to the CIA.

Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks, so a rash of deaths and a full court press by federal and local law enforcement effected an immaculate cover-up.
State and federal grand juries in Nebraska and a former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia played an integral role in the cover-up, and the author has had access to thousands of documents that would ultimately be sealed by the two grand juries. My documentation includes Omaha Police Department reports and internal memos, Nebraska State Patrol reports, Nebraska Department of Social Services reports, internal Boys Town reports, victim debriefings, hundreds of the ring’s airline receipts, etc.

The power elite sating their appetite for forbidden fruit via pedophilia and pedophiliac sadism is an evil that dates back millennia: Roman emperor Tiberius reportedly indulged in pedophilia and then murdered his victims. Moreover, pedophile rings linked to the powerful have recently been exposed in Belgium, Portugal, Chile, and Mexico.

The FRANKLIN SCANDAL will be the first commercially-published book to tell the tale of a power elite pedophile ring in the U.S. and also of the cover-up of its heinous crimes. Various news organizations have attempted to break aspects of this story, but the reports have either been ignored or mysteriously shelved. Major news agencies, including ABC, have backed away from pursuing this story; conversely, CBS abetted its cover-up. It’s obvious that very powerful people have a vested interest in safeguarding this secret.

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  1. Thank you for the post, Joan. This nefarious scum-current needs vast exposure. I hope to comment a bit more from my own perspective if I get the chance, since there is a definite link to secret societies--and we can start with Kinsey himself and his "investigations"--although these shadowy groups lurking behind pedophilia by action or inspiration sue at the drop of a hat for a direct allegation. It's part of their cover as far as I'm concerned. Keep exposing it and perhaps we can save some children from these lowest-of-the-lowlifes. (Prison inmates, by the way, have a code, and kill any child molesters, I've been informed by those within the system. Truly pedophiles are the bottom dregs of the current cesspool of no-ethics "indulgence.")