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18 January, 2009

Bhutto on biin-Ladin: DEAD!

Bin Ladin was rolled out on audio tape for the Gaza incursion... can you believe that? According to Benazir Bhutto, bin Ladin is dead... as she mentions his assassination while discussing her links to Pakistani Intelligence and the threat to her own life shortly before she was assassinated.

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  1. Osama bin-laden is a state creation, who serves the same function (alive or dead) that emmanuel goldstein played in Orwells book 1984. He was created to deflect attention away from the real enemy of the masses, (which is the state itself), onto a phony fabricated enemy (bin-laden, alqaeda). Thus the dumb herd looks to the state for protection and security from 'bin-laden', terrorism etc.; whereas in reality the terrorism is the product of the state itself to increase their power over the hedonistic masses.