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09 January, 2009

Congress (Read 'Cabal of Whores') Supports the Holocaust

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Congress is set to offer staunch and unwavering support for Israel as the Gaza conflict rages, recognizing its "inalienable right" to defend itself from attacks by Hamas.

Democratic and Republican leaders united to introduce a resolution backing Israel in the US Senate and a similar measure will soon be pending in the House of Representatives with both expected to pass by large majorities.

Full story at link above.

Comment: Nice to know that we can count on support for a holocaust from our (s)elected "leaders." Of course a rape victim must let go of the fight-for-your-life gonad clutch on the rapist first; that's the important crime to denounce, not the brutal rape in progress, and most importantly, all blame must go to the rape victim. That's the twisted "logic" of the cartoon version of events which the aptly named "Congress" of prostitutes--always ready for an "act of congress" with their key donors--is promoting.

Proud to be an American? You betcha. Genocide is only worth a wink these days.

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