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06 January, 2009

Hamas Should Stop

Hamas Should Stop

by Mark Ash

With multiple diplomatic efforts to stop the violence in Gaza urgently under way, Hamas could greatly speed and aid those efforts by ceasing the rocket attacks on Israeli towns. The international community has long sought reform of Israeli military and social policy towards Palestinian lands. While it is true that some Israelis are resistant to any reform that would empower Palestinian residents, such reform would become inexorable absent deliberate provocation of Israel's military wrath.

There is a false and misguided notion that the rocket attacks or other random acts of violence are not really that significant to Israeli citizens. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These attacks, all attacks, on Israeli targets, both military and civilian, are viewed by the Israelis in the most serious light.

Israel must understand that its Arab neighbors see Israel as a clear and present danger to their way of life. They fight for that reason, not for any abstract hatred of Judaism. Israel must find a way to be seen as less threatening to the region. Israelis have failed utterly to become a part of the fabric of life in the Mideast. Without such a coming to terms with the place in which it lives, Israel can never realize permanence.

Militarists, all militarists, take great comfort in the covenant of "peace through strength." The time has come for a realization that peace can also lead to strength. Hamas, like their right-wing Israeli counterparts, see armed conflict as holding a promise of a better future. Both groups fail their communities by holding fast to this false and failed notion.

Hamas has long ascribed to a strategy of actions that would assure Israeli military action. The firing of rockets into southern Israel guarantees a large-scale military response. This empowers right-wing Israelis, and weakens all those who would pursue diplomatic or social solutions.

Every diplomat who has ever tried to achieve lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian theater has ultimately been forced to confront the realization that their best efforts can be undone by small violent groups, who take actions that cannot be ignored.

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  1. I agree! Well reasoned and makes very good points.

  2. I see that Paranoids Online is now officially 'fair and balanced.' Let me offer some imbalance through an analogy: let's say that a) a town is subject to an illegal and unethical blockade which is causing a slow genocide there (in this case, something dubbed 'Politicide' by Baruch Kimmerling), and b) some gangbangers do a couple of drive-by shootings by way of response, thus c) the blockaders go nuts with an all-out, country-sponsored, paid-for-by-the-United States military response to holocaust the town, men women and children included. Nice, reasoned approach to the drive-by? Sure, stop the drive-by stuff gang-bangers, but...what about the holocaust? Shouldn't that, uh, stop? Articles like this seem to have lost all sense of proportion and ethical framing. I'm tired of the cartoon version of the Gaza events as played by the media whores in this U.S. of Z (Zombies).
    Stop all of the killing, no doubt: but stop closing a blind eye, Zombie America, to your role in supporting a sickening genocide by the hour. (If it's not on ESPN, I guess it doesn't count.) And by the way, where's Mr. Peaceout Obama's comment? I see he weaseled out of remark by saying "We only have one president at a time," but he has plenty to say about the economy. There's still a prez allegedly on watch for that issue as well, Mr. Obama, so what's up with the silence? (Read his donor list for a clue.)

    Happy New Year!