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09 January, 2009

Guess Who Promoted and Supported Hamas?

The above link carries a now-pulled copy of the UPI story of 6/18/02 showing the Israeli government's support for Hamas. (I have a hard copy of the original story which I made before it was pulled from the API site; for now, this link at least carries a reprint.) This is highly suppressed information which you will not get anywhere within a thousand miles of the (laugh track cue) "news media."

Why would the Israelis provide covert support for Hamas? Study the history of Black Ops for starters, and look at long range plans and Great Game strategies for conquest of territory, including "necessary" excuses for genocide ("ethnic cleansing"). The astute and awake readers will fill in the rest.


  1. Aw, let's not pick on Israel. The U.S. has pummeled Iraq back to the 1800s. The U.S. is a tyrannical enforcer, usurper and thief. It has killed over a million people in Iraq alone, and is now working its way into Pakistan and Afghanistan. So Israel felt a little left out, wants to wear the big britches and show off its awesoma powa like the American Dick-taters. Tha's all. Cut Israel some slack, Jack.

  2. Don't worry, I have several volumes of verbal ammo in reserve for the U.S. I'm an equal opportunity corruption critic and all caustic comments are ready to spread to any corner of the Cryptocracy. And by the way, where are the Israelis getting their Apache helicopters, bullets, cash, guns, etc? Two guesses? Did I hear you say "United States"? Imagine that, as John Lennon might say.

  3. I recall first reading about how Israel funded its 'archenemy' Hamas a few years ago, not to mention the connections between the CIA and arafat, and other muslim heads of state. This is great evidence showing how the endless palestinian/israeli conflict is nothing more than an Orwellian stratagem and contrived media sham to hypnotize the herd with irrelevant issues similar to 'global warming'.