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19 May, 2009

Bob Dobbs hoicking up the Astral Body archive

And now for some entertainment.

Here's Bob Dobbs hoicking up the Astral Body archive.

(Sorry, I don’t have time to change each web address to a link. Do it yourself! It’s all in the fun of it.)

1. iONic Rezonence 5/14/09

2. iON - Wavy Head Gravy 5/14/09

3. iON - Playful Thoughts R Us 5/14/09

4. iON - Gimme Sum GUF 5/14/09

5. iON - Contrasting DisMay 5/14/09

6. iON - CNN Man About A Horse Cent 5/14/09

7. iON - Swine Flew Over The Cuokoo's Nest 5/14/09

8. iON - Creative Resistence 5/14/09

9. iON - Let Them Eat Cake 5/14/09

10. iON - One Break Out of the Fear Loop 5/18/09

11. iON - Break Out of the Fear Loop Too 5/18/09

12. iON - Creative Effects Proceed the Causes 5/18/09

13. iON - Recreating Reincarnation 5/18/09

14. iON/Bob Dobbs - Sharp Contrast 5/18/09

15. iON - Heavenz on Earth 5/18/09

16. iON - Heaven iON Earth 5/18/09

17. iON - The Evolution of Consciousness 5/18/09

18. iON - Contentment in Content 5/18/09

19. iON - U R the Center of the Universe 5/18/09

20. iON - God: Is There a Dog? 5/18/09

21. iON - Cloning Souls 5/18/09

22. iON - Take Back Your Power 321 5/18/09

23. iON - The Leading Edge of Creation 5/18/09

24. iON - Godz Allowence 5/18/09

25. iONic ESP Connection 5/19/09

26. iON - Illuminati R Us 5/19/09

Bob Dobbs

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  1. If that guy's Bob Dobbs then I'm Barack Obama.

  2. the real Bob Dobbs is incredibly weird and fascinating, while your inane church is so fifteen years ago. It's too bad you dullards have to surf the net to ride his coattails. he doesn't mind, he loves it.

  3. The "real bob dobbs" you refer to is a plagiaristic thief named Bob Dean, who came along very late to the game and has been simply lying about his origins because he himself contributes nothing worthy of note.

    He is not in jail mainly because when he decided to rip off the creators of the CoTSG, he did it in Canada.

  4. You with your head up your ludicrous filthy “church” are very mistaken to say that Bob Dobbs contributes nothing worthy of note. CoSG is a localized anomaly (black hole) from Texas USA. It’s a blip on the real Bob’s eternal watch.

  5. Joan is correct and Anonymous is wrong.

    My decision is final since I'm the one you're talkin' about.

    See my TIMELINE (it's all there - a wonderful buffet to graze on):

    Bob Dobbs

  6. the real bob dobbs is a parody of religion, a parody of mainstream values, and creativity in pure form archaic and
    futuristic, this new bobb dobbs is different i will agree but the things he talks about like memementics and tv bodies and chip bodies make a lot of cents dollars and cents, the videos on you tube are very much in the spirit off bob dobbs church of the subgenius, if he is a plagirist it is j.r. bob dobbs who was the spark of this thieving fire. then the church should be pleased that the internet burns with the eternal fire of almighty dobbs for this is the fire that will bring the second coming of the real j.r. bob dobbs

  7. The following is what I do:

    "the real bob dobbs is a parody of religion, a parody of mainstream values, and creativity in pure form archaic and futuristic"

    So what's the difference?

    Bob Dobbs

  8. ROFLOL - this is cracking me up, knowing you both.
    Joan defends her stand like the Maid, and Dobbs - well, he's unflappably Dobbs...what else. I guess anon doesn't realize that effects precede causes.