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28 May, 2009

The main purpose of a cloudbuster is to remove DOR

Letter written in response to:

by Joel Carlinsky

Dear Mysterious New Owner of Galactic Orgonomy Exchange:

I took a look today at the website you recently took over from Jamie Ogg, and the first thing I noticed was the new article on how to build a cloudbuster. I do not know who wrote that unsigned article, but it contains a glaring error in the very first line.

A cloudbuster is NOT "a device to facilitate, modify or change weather". It is a device that CAN have these effects as a side effect, but that is NOT the purpose of a properly done cloudbusting operation.

There is a very serious transformation underway in the atmosphere of this planet. It is a build-up of DOR all over the earth. DOR is a stagnant, highly toxic form of orgone, caused by the irritation of the global energy field by nuclear technologies, and it is responsible for an ongoing global breakdown in weather patterns.

The main purpose of a cloudbuster is to remove DOR, to drain it off, or ground it, and permit new, fresh orgone to flow into an area, revitalizing the area and restoring the normal pulsation of the energetic environment. One of the side effects of this process is that weather patterns tend to return to normal, including more-or-less regular, recurrent rainfalls at the historically normal season and in the historically normal amounts.

Of equal or greater importance, the biochemical and metabolic condition of all organisms in the affected area tend to stabilize and return to an optimum state, restoring health to entire populations of all species. This, not "modifying weather", is the goal of any properly done cloudbusting operation.

To introduce people who are unfamiliar with the underlying concepts to cloudbusting by telling them cloudbusters are a "device to facilitate, modify, or change weather" is to mislead them.

It is this very misconception, that cloudbusting can be done without regard to biological factors, that has made cloudbusting an environmental menace instead of the boon to the earth it could have been if it had not fallen into the hands of control-freaks who want to misuse it to "control weather" instead of to restore an ecological balance that has been disrupted by human interference already. Additional interference by humans, in the form of cloudbusting to " modify weather" will only make things worse.

I think it is highly irresponsible of you to post instructions on how to build a cloudbuster on a public website without including a long, detailed explanation of errors to avoid and explaining what the atmospheric situation is today and why, and what the true function of cloudbusting should be. Encouraging misguided people to think of cloudbusting as a way to change weather instead of a way to practice atmospheric medicine on a damaged environment, is only another form of vandalism of this planet.

And if cloudbusting is used with the goal of modifying weather instead of removing DOR and restoring atmospheric self-regulation, cloudbusting is only another form of pollution.

Joel Carlinsky

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