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04 May, 2009

Obama Slashes Social Security

WASHINGTON--For the first time in more than three decades, recipients will not get any increase in their benefits next year, federal forecasts show. The absence of cost-of-living adjustment, calculated under a formula set by law, will be a shock to older Americans already hit by plummeting home values, investment losses and rising health costs. More than 50 million people receive Social Security. Beneficiaries have received automatic cost-of-living adjustments every year since 1975. Douglas W. Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, predicted that inflation would remain low for several years,[oh yeah] so Social Security might not pay a cost-of-living increase until 2013.

"Millions of beneficiaries will see their Social Security checks reduced for the first time." --David M. Certner, AARP

The CIA televised media networks are virtually silent on this issue, since they can't portray Big Brutha as being "uncompassionate" towards the proles. Funny, the government has trillions available for the rapacious rats and tapeworms on Wall Street but when it comes to the common elderly masses "money is tight". To President Obama's credit he has remained faithful to his campaign promise of "change" to the American people. Maybe not the type of change most people anticipated, but change nonetheless. But if the population is moronic enough to continue voting for two obvious state-controlled parties then they deserve "change".

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." --Hitler



    Spare change we can leave in -

    (Just help each other cuz that's all WE do.)

  2. HAHA! I was kidding. I didn't know there was really a I thought I made it up. Maybe I did and that guy stole it!

  3. That's absolutely hilarious, Joan.

    Maybe I'll try to invent one right now and then about's see now...