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24 May, 2009

Jordan Maxell on the Illuminati

"When god moves people die" – Jordan Maxwell

This is kind of long but worth watching. Isn't he really saying there is no god? it seems he doesn't want to say that because he doesn't want to be pegged as an atheist.

I find his point of view on that a little confusing. His website states clearly that he certainly believes in God. Again, it seems he’s going out of his way to not be pegged as an atheist, which is also what D.M. Murdock (Acharya S) does. They don’t want to cut off their potential Christian readership?

What do you think?

Here's my answer. Thank you, George!


  1. "When at last Reason becomes the religion of Man then will the problem be solved." --Adam Weishaupt

  2. While this video provides insight on Jordan Maxwell, he wrote what seemed to me to be an essentially athiestic article in "The Book Your Church Does Not Want You To Read"

    That being said, I wonder why he chose the name Jordan Maxwell? Wouldn't Russell Pine have done just as well?

    Ehh... Who was it who said "Believe Nothing, Unless You Can Prove It..." I really can't believe anything about Jordan Maxwell, except people put him on a soap box and let him talk. That includes William Cooper, who dedicated an episode of his Mystery Babylon Series to an interview with Jordan Maxwell!!

    Some people have become political activists after seeing ZieghtGuist (SIC) The ones I know are active in Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty. I am a Christian, but the Jordan Maxwell followers I know are good people.

    I think they would be offended if they knew I called them Jordan Maxwell followers though... They have the right to what they believe, and I have the right to not accept their personal beliefs.