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23 September, 2009

Free Vintage PARANOIA!

The PARANOIA archive now features PDFs of issues:
19, 20, 21, 23 and 29, as well as issues 1 thru 4.

Download your free PDF copies at:

We will try to continue this project as time and budget allow.

Of course, you can still buy back issues in print, so please visit:

Please be aware that issue 51 was the last issue in magazine format:

Pre-order the new PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader in annual book format due out in early 2010:

And catch up on your free PARANOIA reading (new and vintage) here:

If you’re in the Waco, Texas area, please visit the entire collection of PARANOIA at:

Baylor University
Poage Legislative Library
Building 64
One Bear Place 97153
Waco, Texas 76798

Baylor University is located just two blocks from I-35 in Waco, Texas. The library is building 64 on the following map:

And if you’re in or near Rhode Island, please visit the entire collection of PARANOIA at:

University of Rhode Island
Special Collections
15 Lippitt Road
Kingston, Rhode Island 02881

Located in the center of the URI campus, the Carothers Library and Learning Commons was founded in 1892 and houses 1.4 million volumes, among them every single issue of PARANOIA (recently moved to the Special Collections area).

Now that’s Vindication!

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