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12 September, 2009

Two Face is Alive

I have to credit my teenage daughters for this one. Months ago they started routinely referring to Prez Obama as "Harvey." I asked what it was all about, and they explained it to me: "Harvey Dent. Dad, you know Batman; remember, Harvey Dent? The man who becomes Two Face? Well..." Then they went into detail. "Note that they only show one side of Harvey's face--I mean the President's face--in the photos? That's because they're hiding the other face! He's Two Face!"

Now I started noticing. Indeed, there was an uncanny resemblance between Obama and the cartoon version of Harvey Dent from 'Batman: The Animated Series.' Score one for my daughters. Next point: many pictures did only feature one side of his face...but of course, usually the 'good side' is shown...which, come to think of it, is in a way their point as well. Hmmm. Could there really be a dark side of the Obama moon?

Months later my daughters have been proved to be high priestesses of political prophecy. Mr. Change--Harvey--has ridden in on a white horse making near-messianic promises, fueling hope. And what has he done? Entrenched the so-called Federal Reserve economic rapists, bailed out Big Business, and ramped up the war in Af-Pak.

Daughters, I salute your prescience. With enough young people like you, there is still hope for this land of zombies.

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