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30 September, 2009

More Info on American Police Force

Who is American Police Force? US government is its biggest client? Years of experience? No proof at all of either claim on their website!

APF is a foreign mercenary group possibly run by Bosnians. Militarization of the police force is evident since the Pittsburgh G20. Foreign troops are positioned in Montana, according to Steve Quayle.


  1. According to a USA Today news report the APF logo is virtually identical to the state flag of Serbia. They also claim that the founder of APF is someone named "Michael Hilton" who has an "extensive criminal record" and uses the "aliases" of Midrag Ilia Dokovitch and Michael Miodrag. Boy, that sounds good.

  2. Yup, sounds great. It sure is strange that the "officials" who run this prison hired a company without researching them AT ALL. And now the major media are finally catching up on the story after it's been online for a while.