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09 September, 2009

A Glitch in the Matrix?

If the "Af-Pak" war(s) seem familiar, there is good reason: the "death head" has changed its mask from "Right" to "Left," from Bush to Obama. Those who buy into the phony control schema of "Left versus Right" (minted from old patterns such as the kabbalistic two pillars in the Tree of Life) will miss the passing Game of Death--until a body bag arrives at their doorstep, or they inhabit one. That's a little late.

Zombie America needs to unplug itself from the feed tube in the back of the skull, wake up, and demand real change, not slogans and lies--starting with an end to the blood sacrifice of our young in the name of vague, fake "objectives." "Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it," said Santayana, and if we are experiencing Deja Vu--a "glitch in the Matrix"--watching these war reruns in realtime and real life--with real body counts--our lesson comprehension is being tested. Right now.


  1. Good one, Craig! I'm so, so incredibly pissed off and depressed and wishing I could become a Canadian! But then I think, SHIT! HELL NO! I won't go. Why don't we make these goons and their goon squads go back to hell where they belong? Are we losing the battle? Ya think?

    There's really nowhere to run when the fight gets this real that we're plugged right into the Matrix. So we might as well stay with the ones we love and fight the good fight instead of running away.

    Keep at it, people. Do whatever you can!