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15 September, 2008

America’s Failing Infrastructure

America’s Failing infrastructure can be blamed for the Los Angeles Metrolink train crash. The Bush administration has simply ignored outdated train technology and ailing bridge infrastructures, just as it ignored New Orleans before Katrina. This country is in a sorry sorry state. It’s falling apart at the seams.

Metrolink spokeswoman Higgins had to resign for being honest and stepping ahead of the feds to allege “human error.”

She had this to say:

Higgins said she believed the crash could have been prevented with technology that stops a train on the track when a signal is disobeyed. The technology was not in place where the collision occurred.

"I believe this technology could have prevented the accident. If he ran the signal the train would have been stopped. I've seen it tested. It makes a difference," she said.

1 comment:

  1. There is no excuse for this accident! Trains should be automated and not depend on human error. The Boston Green line accident a few months ago was caused by an operator on a cell phone not paying attention, and now it seems this one in California may have been caused by the engineer engaged in text messaging with two teenagers!

    This is crazy!