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30 September, 2008

A Parable

Conspicuously absent on Prime Time programming in the current competing analyses of the Wall Street fiasco is the role of the Federal Reserve.

The ignorance of the average man on the street regarding this institution—which many blithely assume to be a branch of the Federal government—is a fruit of carefully managed educational misdirection. Books detailing the real history of the Federal Reserve are not front and center in economics courses. A student is more likely to have a copy of Adam Smith or Karl Marx shoved in front of his face than ever see The Federal Reserve Conspiracy by Eustace Mullins. Mullins was a protégé of Ezra Pound, whose monumental Cantos railed against the very foundation of our modern economy—usury.

The Federal Reserve is a private and unconstitutional group of elite banksters empowered to rape the country by fiat. Economic decisions from “the Fed” are crafted to benefit unseen Money Masters rather than the average family, the latter frequently an expedient sacrifice offered up to the great god of profit. Yet when economic disaster is apparent, the painted chorus of media whores lines up with the government to praise “the Fed” as the only savior and last hope of humanity. And Joe Sixpack burps and believes.

During economic crises, we are not supposed to ask, “Who benefits?” If we follow the money carefully it is possible to see that even in the darkest times, there are those who profit greatly. Instead we are supposed to watch the hand that is moving in this unfolding Stage Magic Show, not noticing the avarice-driven Overlords winking and stashing the rabbit under the table.

The Cryptocracy’s programming of the Group Mind has been a stunning success, leading the average victim to praise his rapists at the Federal Reserve. Perhaps the best way to illustrate the perversion of the situation is through a parable:

Once upon a time a man was walking down the street. Suddenly a 500 pound gorilla dropped from a tree and stomped the man into the ground. A group of empty suits ran up and looked at his remains, shaking their empty heads and muttering (as though by ventriloquism), “What can be done?” Strangely, the 500 pound gorilla came back and offered his help. The empty suits smiled and started working with the gorilla and put him forward as the only answer possible, listening to his grunts as though they were divine utterances. They studied his every gesture, even praising him for the way he peeled a banana.

A crazy tale? Not half as crazy as the reality behind it. Let’s decode: the man is the economy, the 500 pound gorilla is the Federal Reserve, and the empty suits represent the government. The unseen ventriloquist is the Cryptocracy.

Now who’s crazy?

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