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06 September, 2008

Kali to the Rescue

In response to the article Death of a Nation, Take Two:


  1. Ha! If "Laura Kali" pulls that off, I just might open up a Temple of Doom in her honor!

  2. young republican thuggees could do her dirty work, strangling liberals with 'support our troops' yellow ribbons to appease her bloodlust since george cannot-even with the iraq war.

  3. The Kalika Purana states that Kali is appeased by a human sacrifice for a thousand years, so Bush might think his warfare and slaughter bought some time--but now (if your picture rings true) even he's in trouble in his role as wannabe Shiva, the consort of Kali--getting trampled by Laura/Kali. What goes around comes around, it would appear.

    There are thuggees on all sides: McCainiac's war mongering has inspired his yellow ribbon brigades, but also Obamination has signalled his need to intensify war in Afghanistan. And both sides appear signed on to a conflict with Iran. Two Party Thuggees, anyone? Looks like Kali's Little Shop of Horrors will be in business for quite some time.