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05 September, 2008

Death of a Nation, Take Two

Anyone alert to the mass movements of shuffling zombies in America will notice that the Undead have received fresh programming and are stirring. Yes, the garbage is swirling down the drains, both Left and Right—which means it’s “election time” (selection time, more accurately—stolen votes, anyone?), and you can see the walking corpses mobilizing by these prefab sides of the so-called political spectrum, pushing the garbage along and beckoning to feed off the flesh of the last of the alert and living, those whose brain cells are still showing signs of electrical activity.

A macabre picture? Not half as macabre as the stage shows served up at the recent Democratic and Republican conventions. Allow me to put on some hob-nailed boots and step on everyone’s toes: this truly is a nation of decay, worshipping death on the installment plan, to revive the phrase of Louis-Ferdinand Céline. “In God we trust” runs the country’s slogan, but the reality is a continuous homage to Kali, goddess of death, whose earrings are the corpses of children, and who sports a garland of severed hands around her waist, blood dripping from her tongue. René Guénon’s description of a Kali Yuga for this modern age rings true on several symbolical levels, and perhaps hints at primal energies which pass beyond the symbolic, which embody something actual which is being played out before our very eyes—something we intuit but cannot define.

Let’s look at the Right first, the “party of life.” Yes, the Right Wingers defend babies (at least by lip service)—unless the babies happen to be in another country, in which case they just might be targets of post-natal abortion by Air Force bombs. No problem then; no tears shed, no placards of protest with graphic visuals. Shredding children? Not an issue: hey, it’s “collateral damage.” What is important is “victory,” as we heard at this puppet-show convention of the Cryptocracy. Kali’s garland of severed hands might as well adorn the Republican Party.

Now let’s look at the “humanitarian” Left Wing. Here we find objections to war (at least by lip service)—but babies are not a concern. Let’s leave aside the Nancy Pelosi distraction about Saint Augustine not knowing when a baby receives a soul: let’s take a straight, hard look at partial birth abortion, which—call it what you like—is plain baby snuffing (to those who pull out an arcane quibble about the onset of personhood, I will simply quote Groucho Marx: “Who are you going to believe: me, or your own eyes?” Sorry, that one’s a baby). These clinical deaths are cases where the life of a child is settled by geography—the fully formed infant is partly inside the mother versus completely outside. But is that any different from the Right, where the life of a baby, or a mother, or a child, is settled in a war by—geography?

Since protecting these children was not on the table at the recent Democratic puppet-show convention of the Cryptocracy (quite the opposite), we can gaze up at Kali’s earrings—the corpses of the young—and see the same god worshipped by the Right, only turned to the opposite profile, Janus-like. Both parties are on board for the death of someone; they just argue about who. Truly, in Kali we trust.

What we really have here are two sides, the kabbalistic “Left” and “Right,” which are twin forks of a fascination with blood spilled on a grand, life-sucking altar, preferably by grotesque means hidden from actual view, but enjoyed vicariously and safely later (on prescription meds) by the fictional substitution of movies and television and Internet clips—all of which keeps the American zombies pacified and satiated. This is truly a nation of death and decay. It is the fitting abode of zombies; the only question is how much stench the living can still take—and for how long.


  1. The abortion wars have now taken center stage. You are right to take note of this pattering proxy. It's always been about "concerns for the children," hasn't it? And don't the pure white lily pedophillies yelling "Satanic Panic" scream the loudest? There's no left or right, they're all Manchurian Candidates. You have let the worm out of the can but the question is not how any rotting cans, but how many putrid dens of iniquity these snakes are slithering from. Now I've really gone and grossed myself out trying to outdo you!

    Wow! Great post!



    I am personally in the middle on abortion. I believe it’s being used as birth control in this country, and as a eugenics program in China. I think it does disrespect life, and the decision to abort causes a lot of emotional pain later in life. But to think of turning the clock back on Roe v Wade and cutting off the option but in only a few states is unthinkable.

    I think we need to work harder to change the trends on adoption. I think more money needs to be spent on birth control education for young people and all people, and for another thing magazines need to stop hyping the “baby bump” to teenage girls who dream of being like these modern day heroines in every respect.

    Don’t think for a minute John McCain didn’t know about Sarah’s own child with Down syndrome or her pregnant daughter. We were all set up for this show. The truth is, children with Down Syndrome now don’t stand a chance of survival. About 1 in 1000 pregnancies nowadays is Down syndrome and most of them are getting aborted. There are now lines of people waiting to adopt children with Down syndrome, and families with Down children are saying that they’re children are wonderful happy human beings, although they do need extra care and attention.

    Sarah Palin shows that she “walks the walk” but I’d like to know how many of these anti-abortion big mouths (who run the runs) have actually gone out and adopted a child? OR have gotten involved in the adoption process in some way, by “community organizing” or some such shamefully liberal activity?

    As this poster at Mother Jones (Debra Dickerson) says:

    "I've always believed the anti-abortion crusade was more about controlling women and parading one's own sense of self-righteousness than about 'protecting' women or 'innocent life'."

    Bingo! Oh, has anyone seen the documentary "Jesus Camp"? Be ascared, be very ascared, if Ms. Palin makes it with McCain, ooops, I mean, makes it in the White House.