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07 September, 2008

Palin's Plan for Alaska as Christian Refuge State

Part 1

Part 2


  1. I did not find anything Gov. Palin said to be offensive. All people who run for president and vice president - most for any political office for that matter - are members of a particular religious group.

    What's the difference between she being a member of the Assembly of God and Barack Obama being a member the Trinity United Church of Christ? At least her pastor is not a screaming nut who hates white people and preaches their demise.

    I'll take someone from the charismatic Assembly of God over Oprah Winfrey's bigot's church any day!

    Jeremy K. Brock

  2. When I was in Alaska I was told by my host: "Alaska: Where the odds are good and the goods are odd."
    Palin most certainly fits the bill.