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27 December, 2009

9/11 Black Op

After objectively reviewing the anomalous evidence surrounding 9/11, such as thermite explosives being discovered in the dust and rubble of "ground zero", Dick Cheney ordering NORAD to "stand down", and WTC building #7 imploding even though no plane hit it one can reasonably reject the government's absurd conspiracy theory of what happened.

More revealing info:

In reality, 9/11 was a CIA-Mossad black op (motto of Mossad: 'by way of deception thou shalt do war') where two remote-controlled planes smashed into the Twin Towers (leased by Larry Silverstein) and then razed by controlled demolition. This nefarious maneuver was then blamed on Muslim scapegoats/patsies to provide a pretext to invade and attack innocent nations (iraq, afghan, pakistan,...iran?) and initiate the transformation of America into a communist Orwellian police-state through such oppressive measures as "The Patriot Act" and Homeland Security. Our deranged dysgenic ruling class will not be satisfied until the repressive tyrannical laws of Europe/Canada are instituted in the USA, such as being imprisoned for "hate-speech" or thought-crimes. It is an incremental scheme of course, just as the masses have less freedom now than they did in 2000, so will they possess even less liberty in the year 2020 than in 2010. As Aldous Huxley observed in "Brave New World", society will consist of a population of slaves who will love their servitude.

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