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11 December, 2009

How Dare They! video

Video: Cindy Sheehan speech in Oslo, working with the Oslo peace community in opposition to Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Wow, huge crowd.

Below is the text of the speech Cindy gave at the “true peace” event this evening in the very cold, evening air of Oslo, Norway.

“Hello friends! I have three words for the Nobel committee and for my president: ´how dare you!´

How dare the committee give the Peace Prize (which will be known from here forward as the ´Peace Prize´) to Obama and how dare he accept it?

How dare the committee legitimize the war crimes and other crimes of the Bush regime by rewarding Obama for continuing them?

The committee said that Obama ordered the closure of Guantanamo prison, while it remains open and the torture policies have been broadened and expanded to Bagram in Afghanistan!

How dare they award the ´Peace Prize´to a man who they say wants to reduce nuclear arms, but is waging a terrifying nuclear war in the Middle East by using weapons coated with depleted uranium that is causing a sharp rise in cancers and birth defects there?

How dare they award the prize to a man who they claim exemplifies American Values when those values are war, torture, environmental degradation, and drone bombing abroad and environmental and economic ruin at home?

This `Peace Prize`to Obama was nothing but a slap in the face to people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, North Korea, Colombia, Honduras, Venezuela and anywhere that Obama´s boot of Empire is crushing or threatening to crush.

This ´Peace Prize´ is a slap in the fact to parents like myself whose child has been killed in the Bush/Obama wars, now approved of by ´Peace committees.´

This award was a slap in the face to us–we who have been sacrificing and struggling for true peace for years.

If you listened really carefully to the speeches today–with ears not clogged by the hope-nosis of Empire–you heard Obama say ´War is Peace´and you heard the clarion call of the international Robber Class, that the only way to peace is through war, war, and more war! The Robber Class has told us, once again, that there is no other way! War is the only way!

Well, I join with you in solidarity today to tell the Robber Class: Bullshit, we reject such stinking thinking and we reject the ´honors´of the establishment as we say to them: `We refuse to play your violent games!´

If they want awards, they can give them to each other. If they think that killing children is ´Peace,´then they can send their own and leave ours the hell alone! If they want their wars then they can fight them their selves!

The violent extremists of the world just rewarded themselves for their crimes in an orgy of self-congratulatory pageantry, but I want to say that I have not one enemy here or in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

My only enemy is yours too, the violent extremists of the world´s Robber Class and we must join together to fight them, not fight in their wars, to bring true and lasting peace.

Thank you for inviting me here and giving me the honor of addressing true peace warriors!”

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