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12 December, 2009

ET/FT/NT Contact

iON says it's not a "spirit" coming through JW but "pure positive non-physical", something different.

I asked iON if they can be considered an Extra-Terrestrial (ET) and they said "yes, but we're more of a 'Future-Terrestrial'" (FT).

When I pointed out that some channeled spirits claim they are "from the future" (Bashar is an example), iON said iON is not limited to the future and they include all the pasts.

Now that I have taped over 800 hours with iON since March 20/09, iON says I can say they are "Now-Terrestrials" (NT).

In any case, I consider iON the "contact with ET" that humanity has supposedly longed for.

This is big, people!! And nobody should believe me. But someone's got to do it!

We're on the radio every week for 2 hours (archived at ) and excerpts are made into YouTubes immediately.

Here's one that Joan thinks is "bullshit, there's no historical Jesus. And there's nobody to pray to. Except maybe aliens." (iON completely agrees with Joan but takes it deeper):

Meanwhile, getting rid of the "Guf" is iON's first order of business.

Bob Dobbs

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