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18 December, 2009

"Question from M"

Glow wrote:
Question from M...

If the digital enviroment and the real world enviroment can cross over...and / also more importantly create a 'fusion'/ 'mesh' together...

What are the appropriatic responses to the dialectec?

I responded:

{Electric analog one-way media created the fusion of our Chemical Body and "Machine Parts" (a patina of fragmentation with a ground of implosion) but the electronic digital multi-way media allowed the disconnecting from the TV Landscape via the Chip Landscape (a patina of implosion with a ground of fragmentation).

So all those books in the Nineties celebrating the "connecting intelligence" of the Chip Landscape (such as De Kerckhove's) got it backwards. They projected the first phase onto the second phase (classic rear-view mirrorism).

Conscious quadrophrenic juggling of the ratios between the Four Bodies (Chemical, Astral, TV, and Chip [these 4 are on the Ontological level]) and NASA (LaRouche quadrant), CIA (McLuhan quadrant), X-Filing (Thompson quadrant), Genetic Engineering (Kroker quadrant), and Archetypal AP (Dobbs quadrant) (these last 5 are on the Epistemological level) is the appropriate response to these dialectics while noticing the new Mystery Bodies being ejected from the volcanoes of the Mystery Landscape. One puny example: }

Bob Dobbs

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