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15 December, 2009

The Tangled Web of David Icke

The Tangled Web He Weaves...

Who is Behind David Icke’s ‘Freedom Foundation’?

by Will Banyan (December 2009)

Now posted online!

Mocking David Icke’s judgment has long been the sport of various wags in the mainstream media. Back in 1991 he memorably came to grief on BBC1 when Terry Wogan punctured his seemingly confident façade. “But they’re laughing at you. They're not laughing with you”, Wogan told the savant in the turquoise shellsuit, who had until then had apparently assumed the studio audience was actually behind him.

Since then Icke has even managed to attract ridicule from his fellow conspiracists, most notably following the launch of his reptilian thesis all guns blazing, convinced that he alone had happened onto the truth. The “biggest crock to be foisted on the public in many moons”, declared an incredulous Jim Keith, after reading The Biggest Secret (1999) Icke’s modest magnum opus on the reptilians. Icke’s reptilian theories were “garish drivel” and “nonsensical fabrication,” wrote William Jasper of the John Birch Society (2004, p.20). Despite some testiness, Icke insists such criticism has been water off a duck’s back. He has learned to ignore the scorn of others.

Such defenses are definitely an asset as Icke continues to feed perceptions that his judgment is suspect. Mid-way through 2006 Icke announced on his website that he had been forced to take legal action against long-time collaborator Royal Adams, who had apparently attempted to take control of all Icke’s publications in the United States. This was an ironic turn of events given that Icke had dedicated one of his most recent books, Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion (2006), to Royal Adams for his “magnificent work” in keeping his books “in circulation.” Icke had also dedicated The Biggest Secret “To Royal, for all his great work in America.” To have misjudged the trustworthiness of a close collaborator for so long is quite a feat, but in his efforts to deal with this thorny legal issue Icke seems to have made another blunder.

Going to court is costly, even for a man who seems to believe the world we live in is, in fact, a hologram. So Icke has asked for money from his supporters to help with his legal costs.

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  1. people who mock david icke are mocking themselfs.