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13 July, 2010

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PARANOIA: The Conspiracy Reader, Volume 1

New Review by Dale Thorn

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Big Information in a Small Book, July 12, 2010

The following are my summaries and interpretations of the main articles in this book. Your view may be different, but no less interesting.

Necronomicon: It went to the publisher as fiction and emerged as non-fiction. That alone is incredible, and it's not just the level of paranoia in the story that gets your attention - it's the realization that some of this is either true, or (even scarier) about to come true one way or the other.

Crimson Shadows: Yin or Yang, Shiva or Shakti, Democrat or Republican, Freemason or Super-Patriot, the CIA and shadow government doesn't care. Rat us out - that's when we care. The OTO, like other fringe groups, was once exciting as a belong-to, but now they've switched to lawyers and litigation to defend their market share. But the Agency isn't particular - just do your job and you won't get hurt. So which came first, the chicken or the egg? Does esoteric religion and sex ritual drive the Agency or vice-versa, or is this merely the Land of Opportunity in ways that they didn't teach in High School? Let me spell it out for you, Jack. We can use you - just do your job and keep your mouth shut.

Mystery of Albert Pike: Is there really a difference between Albert Pike and Larry King, or Ed McMahon? Morals and Dogma is no more difficult a read than conspiracy theorist Vincent Bugliosi's Reclaiming History, but unlike VB's tome, Morals and Dogma can teach you something useful. Especially (ever notice how many words contain the substring 'cia'?) if you're young and want to move up the social ladder quickly, by degrees as it were. To understand Pike's legacy, consider that the KKK as a Southern vigilante order consisting of handfuls of rednecks wearing costumes and burning houses, became a huge organization in the North in the industrial explosion of the 1910-1925 period, where cities of as little as 250,000 people would have KKK memberships of 50,000 or more. When Pike railed against African-American juries as hopelessly biased, was his contention that of an ignorant man of the 19th century, or if not ignorant, was he simply unable to look ahead to our time when we've risen far above all that? Consider the trials in L.A. in 1992 and 1994. In each trial where the racial makeup of the jury favored the defendants, the defendants got off. When the second juries were commissioned, the verdicts were exactly the opposite. How do you have a second trial with the exact same evidence as the first and change a 12-0 verdict into a 0-12 verdict? Are the people of L.A. that stupid, or was Albert Pike that smart?

2012: The Harmonic Convergence took place in 1987. So too did the establishment of the Wiccan-Pagan Alliance, as well as an explosion of UFO reports on Paranet detailing mutilations, abductions, ghastly experiments, and infiltration of our governments by several alien species, some of which were or are hostile. The author contends that creating Heaven on the Earth is a slow and human task. But the Pope takes issue with that, given the direct evidence of our latest complete century as the worst and bloodiest ever. The article goes on with speculation about the true meaning of 2012 (apocalypse or transformation etc.), and concludes with a wish that religion should become more spiritual. But how do you become more spiritual when you have the opportunity to collect trillions of dollars tax free? And then what do you do with all that money? It's like everything else - the money doesn't sit in a pocket or under a mattress, it goes into a bank or investment account where it's leveraged for all sorts of interesting projects. And Jesus probably isn't going to be on the board of directors, ever.

Messages from Space: A reexamination of ET contact a la SETI, with added speculation about probes that may be in orbits around the Sun or other near-space celestial bodies. Such probes could be a few years or a thousand years old, and the type of communication (if any) that these probes utilize may not conform to any of SETI's playlists.

Forbidden Archeology: I noted in reviews of Bugliosi's Reclaiming History, that some of the debunkers who planted (er, added) their reviews of the book were diligent enough to include people who believe in ancient humans of the modern design as kooks and nuts, as much as people who believe that Oswald was not the greatest (accidental) marksman in world history. Certainly modern-style humans were extracted from 50 million year old rock when tunnels were blasted through mountains to enable trains to cross the Rockies in the late 19th century. Much of the softer evidence is presented here, but the hard(!) evidence from those ancient rocks is more difficult to debunk. Perhaps the ancient rock got heated enough to melt and flow around some unlucky miners or tunnel blasters, then cooled quickly so that the rock retained its Carbon-14 age and the modern bodies too. Then again, in this the enlightened 21st century, we're to believe that giant skyscrapers with truly massive steel cores and steel skeletons just fall down like a child's toothpick house, as though the steel columns were no longer there. I'd go with the rocks. Very solid(!) evidence.

Grandson of the Apollo Hoax Theory: Another competent article examining the known suspicions in this case, but this one seems (to me) to have more and better detail on the dangers of radiation in space, and how little protection the astronauts must have had in order to keep the total weight of the rockets to a minimum. People should remember that the July 1969 launch of Apollo 11 had a 360-foot high rocket being blasted into space. That's like launching a 30-story building from Earth to the moon, albeit that only the smaller sections remained for the latter parts of the journey. Weight was a serious issue, and the NASA scientists scrambled fanatically to shave every ounce of weight from every trimmable component. Having a significant amount of lead shielding or the equivalent in the Command Module or LEM was not an option. Unless I read it wrong, the difference between the actual protection afforded and what would be needed to keep the men safe was not some small ratio like 2-to-1 or 3-to-1, but several orders of magnitude.

ParaNotes: My suggestion to readers is get to know Cass Sunstein, a man in Obama's administration who was or is being groomed for the Supreme Court. If we get a few like him on the court, you can kiss your First Amendment goodbye, and I'm not kidding or exaggerating. The First Amendment was not intended as a license to market porn and violence, but as a right not abrogable by government to challenge that government on any and all issues. And Cass thinks you're a nuisance, at the very least.

Robin Hood: New revelations about the famous bandit's final resting place. Why are the owners of the estate containing the grave so insistent on secrecy and keeping investigators out? What has been published or aired as the end product of limited "research" that's been endorsed by the estate owners has also been redacted to a great extent. And that's suspicious, but to what end?

The Men that Don't Fit In: This is my kind of guy. The man who stays next door when he's not on the road with the carnival. He's up for nearly anything - fishing off the pier, lunch at Nate & Al's, or discussing international politics. In his job at the carnival, he was paid to maintain some temporary living quarters for other road warriors, only they didn't do much carnival work. How odd would it be if you worked at the carnival and your boss sent you to Fort Detrick Maryland to study advanced methods of document forgery, given that you already have a lot of experience in that field? You might expect them to arrest you, but they give you training instead. Then, in the course of making ID's for your temporary tenants, you get to know these people a little. Professional shooters. Is anyone hosting a marksmanship contest in the area? No - these guys like to keep a low profile. Very low it turns out. One day you're close to Dallas, and it happens that the President is coming to town that day. Your residents leave before sunrise and don't come back until late afternoon. Shortly after that they vacate their rooms at the carnival and disappear. And by the way, the President was shot when your roomers were gone into town that day. You don't ask questions, but little by little you discover that your associates are known Mob figures, and when they visit, someone gets hit. Rod MacKenzie, the author of this narrative, is an old man telling the story of his working life as a document forger and host to professional hitmen. Lots of guys like MacKenzie lost their lives in the years following 1963, because they just couldn't keep a secret.

RE-ABS, not MILABS: Melinda Leslie offers a new perspective on UFO abductions, to help tie these phenomena to other aspects of UFO study such as crash retrievals, technology research and so on. I thought this article asked more questions than it answered, even if the answers were highly speculative. So maybe Melinda is looking for information, and if you have any, why not give her a shout.

The Gods of Eden: Now this gets closer to an explanation for abductions than anything else I've read. That is to say, this is the 50,000-foot view - the long view of history speculating on the true nature of "who owns us." If you're a firm believer in the official doctrine of Evolution put out by armies of tenured professors, NPR and Public Television, read no further. You believe that everything is an accident, including DNA or magic bullets that pause to get a cup of coffee. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. That is to say, just because we don't have photographs of our owners (verified by experts of course) doesn't mean they don't exist. We have a long history of emulating what we learned from our owners, and practicing it on our fellow humans. The author makes the point that having Super Patriots and cult leaders tell us over and over how wonderful things are, as long as we get out to vote and pay our extortion (er, taxes), is the eternal lie as suggested in the Garden of Eden story, and it keeps us ignorant and unaware of our meaningful history.

The Great American Moon Hoax: Another we-didn't-go article, with confirmation of the radiation issues noted above in the Apollo Hoax comments. This article has a lot of additional details, particularly gravity and engine thrust calculations that paint an unlikely picture for a successful Moon program.

Inside Job: An interview with David Ray Griffin, respected researcher and author on 911. Griffin notes the anomalies and lies in the government version of 911, and most telling, unlike the Warren Commission which published 26 volumes of evidence and testimony, much of which contradicted their final report, the 911 Commission has published next to nothing, and nothing at all that contradicts their final report. This interview does not discuss any of the ground zero evidence in detail, instead focusing on Bin Laden and the other so-called perpetrators of 911.

Eustace Mullins at 86: Probably the dean of conspiracy buffs and now deceased, Mullins was effectively blacklisted from appearing in anything except fringe media, due allegedly to his views that the troublemakers in our society are specifically anti-Christian (and we probably know who he's referring to). Some of Mullins' work may be valid, and who knows - even his anti-usury views may have validity in idealist societies which have alternatives to loaning money at interest. And that's where I stand back and ask whether it's possible to build a technological human society without loaning money for profit. I don't know, and unless I can witness debates on the subject by reasoned scholars, I can't justify jumping into Mullins' work since it makes assumptions that are outside of my own experience.

Where is Irving Thalberg Now (an interview with Tiny Tim): A fringe character if ever there was one, Herbert Khaury a.k.a. Tiny Tim was nonetheless a serious musician, philosopher, and observer of the follies of human existence. This interview is a must-read. For example, when Shelly Winters was blaming herself for President Kennedy's death, Tim suggested that she didn't really have enough information to issue a warning, and the interviewer added that they probably wouldn't have heeded a warning anyway. When the interviewer asks whether people would be shocked if Jesus showed up in a spaceship, Tim replied in the affirmative saying that Jesus could just as well catch a ride - no need to walk on air or anything fancy like that. But it's not all lighthearted banter here - Tiny Tim's observations on some subjects are very profound and worth reading.

The Uninvited States of America: According to this article, the Tavistock Institute is not only the mother of all think tanks, but it has infiltrated and gotten near-total control of all policy-making institutions world wide. Tavistock controls the agenda nearly everywhere because it owns the very language of modern-day political and social discourse. Terms such as War on Drugs and War on Terror were devised by Tavistock luminaries. Propaganda, Public Relations and Consumerism are the product of just one of Tavistock's gurus, Ed Bernays. War, peace, and even the way you feel every day is influenced by Tavistock's tentacles in science, industry, government and media. Just how far Tavistock has gone in replacing society's sense of values with their own non-values is debateable, but this article will acquaint you with the possibilities.

The Sons of the Sun of God: I've known for a long time that Jesus' last name is not Christ. But when I hear that title spoken by a religious person, speaking with authority as it were, I know I'm going to be hearing dogma rather than a simple exposition on the life of the Bible's number one character. That said, this article discusses Christ mythology and related religion-inspired characters from ancient history to the present, and contains many names and aliases that are useful in this area of research.

Programmed to Kill: An overview of serial and other notorious killers, noting their many close connections to movers and shakers all over our society. If you thought for example that Jeffrey Dahmer was just a lone nut weirdo with a penchant for drilling holes in people's heads and eating them, read about his spontaneously arranged (from a payphone) VIP tour of the Vice President's office while on a school field trip to Washington DC at the age of 17. The article goes on to note John Wayne Gacy's high security clearance when stumping for the Carter campaign in the 1970's, despite a significant criminal history, blacked out by the FBI when requested documents were released later. Did the DC Sniper case make any sense to you? It didn't to me, but from what I've read here, I'd almost bet we'll know more about that as time goes on, and the one thing we're likely to learn is that it's a cover for something else, including a deliberate assassination.

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