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20 July, 2010

The Money Mind

BP oil spill: failed safety device on Deepwater Horizon rig was modified in China

Blow-out preventer was sent to Far East at BP's request rather than overhauled in US

"BP ordered the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig, whose explosion led to the worst environmental disaster in US history, to overhaul a crucial piece of the rig's safety equipment in China. The blow-out preventer - the last line of defence against an out-of-control well - subsequently failed to activate and is at the centre of investigations into what caused the disaster.

Experts say that the practice of having such engineering work carried out in China, rather than the US, saves money and is common in the industry."


After millions of gallons of oil and toxic chemicals have polluted the ocean, killing marine life and ruining the health of innocent humans, its nice to know BP saved money on outsourcing the blow-out preventer to China.

These are the hereditarial type of people who would destroy the whole planet if they thought it would make them a dollar.

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