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18 July, 2010

Self Inflicted Shoot Down: Julian Assange & WikiLeaks

The title (above) is the link to the article

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  1. I don't know if I'd agree that Julian Assange is "CIA" just because he hasn't been caught yet. He could very well get caught in due time. But I can't believe the dweeb actually thinks 9/11 is a "distraction" and a "false conspiracy" rather than a "real" one like "war" or "mass financial fraud." 9/11 was indeed a real false flag op which likely did entail mass financial fraud and started a war! Sooooooo, he's in a bit of denial there, isn't he? I'm wondering, could he represent a faction of the CIA that's against the war in Iraq? So he's allowed to post things about Iraq but not mention anything about 9/11? In fact, what makes him so sure 9/11 is a big fat nothing? Has he posted anything on the subject, or has he ignored the subject? If so, why? Good post!