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07 July, 2010

Another Reason to Not Interfere With Hurricanes

By Joel Carlinsky

Certain irresponsible persons have recently proposed the use of the Reich Cloudbuster to prevent hurricanes or deflect them from their normal course. In a previous mailing I gave some reasons why this should not be done. This article provides additional reasons to consider any such project as irresponsible and nothing short of an attack on the earth.

Please pass the following on to any individual or group who might be interested in the issue of interfering with tropical storm systems. Your comments will be appreciated.

Hurricanes and Ocean Plants
The Importance of Phytoplankton to the Earth's Oceans

“Hurricanes stir up the oceans and consequently bring much needed nutrients to the water's surface, providing food for phytoplankton, and in turn, fish and mammals.”

Read more at Suite101: Hurricanes and Ocean Plants: The Importance of Phytoplankton to the Earth's Oceans

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