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01 July, 2010

Letter to group calling itself the Weather Rangers


I am very concerned about what I have read about you and your group attempting to interfere with normal hurricanes and tornadoes. These strong circulatory storm systems are a very important part of the metabolism of a healthy atmosphere and serve the purpose of restoring normal atmospheric functioning. Without them we would all be in trouble.

I realize you mean well, but please do not try to interfere with hurricanes. They are not a disaster, no matter what the media may say. They are the way the atmosphere responds to stagnation and represent an attempt by the atmosphere to regain mobility. If they were to be prevented, the end result would be the ultimate stagnation of the atmosphere, leading to droughts and lack of oxygen. Life could not survive without hurricanes.

This is especially true of all native life forms in regions like Florida and the Caribbean, where hurricanes are so important a feature of the normal year. I strongly urge you to consult an ecologist before embarking on any project to manipulate the weather in that region. If one undertakes a weather manipulation program without input from a trained ecologist the results are virtually certain to be a disaster.

Joel Carlinsky

See :

Weather Rangers to the rescue
Who you gonna call when you have a nasty, persistent drought? David Wells' weather modification researchers have been fine tuning their skills. Alberto Feliciano in Puerto Rico appears to have dissolved this season's tropical and hurricane storms, including Ana, Erika and Bill. Their recent focus: restoring rain in Texas, perhaps a bit too much.

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