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01 July, 2010

Weather Rangers use cloudbusters to prevent hurricanes

By Joel Carlinsky

The secret project Ash was refering to in his post to the OML is a plan by the weather-control cult he belongs to, the group calling themselves the Weather Rangers, to prevent huricanes in the Carribean to try to keep the oil spill away from the coast of Florida. This is a mistake.

Ash means well, but his good intentions are no substitute for a sound knowledge of orgone physics. Strong circulatory storm systems are an important part of the metabolism of the atmosphere. If they are prevented, the atmosphere will stagnate and there will be a drought. If the stagnation is severe enough, and goes on long enough, all life processes will stop also.

The role of DOR in droughts and illnesses was well documented by Reich in the 50s and by numerous others since. DOR is increasing because of the widespread use of nuclear energy, as Reich also elucidated and others have confirmed. It is the production of DOR that renders nuclear energy the gravest threat to life on earth.

As the amount of DOR builds up, there will be more and more strong storms, as the earth reacts to the stagnation by trying to clense itself and re-mobilize the stuck energy. This process should be helped, not hindered. DOR is a far more serious threat to life on earth than any amount of oil could be.

It is never a good idea to get ones scientific information from the daily news media, and the hysterical reports in the press about the oil spill are being exagerated to sell newspapers. A marine biologist I spoke to a few days ago told me there are natural flora in the gulf that will clean up the oil spill in time, but the current deployment of detergents to break up the oil is liable to kill them.

Use of cloudbusters to prevent hurricanes would likewise be a bad solution, no matter how well intended. This is a good example of how spreading the word around about how to make cloudbusters without insisting on first learning the basics of orgone biophysics is a bad mistake. Cloudbusters in the hands of mechanisticly- thinking people who do not understand basic orgonomy, or worse, think they know better and ignore orgone theory, are a serious environmental danger.

People like Ash and his Weather Ranger friends have little or no idea of how the orgone atmosphere functions and cannot see the vital importance of such natural phenomena as hurricanes and tornadoes. Well-intentioned as they are, they are ignorant of the scientific facts involved, namely, the orgone energy conditions that underly all weather behavior.

Ash is trying to recruit volunteers to stop hurricanes from forming in a part of the world where there have always been hurricanes and where all native species are adapted to their seasonal input and many are dependent upon them. Considering how short a time it has been since Ash first found out about cloudbusting, and how little he knows about orgone physics in general, such efforts, no matter how well intended, are nothing but a threat to damage the environment. Such people, no matter how well-motivated, are more of an environmental menace than any amount of spilled oil could ever be.

Since I am not allowed to post to the OML, and that is where Ash sent his misguided missive, if you are a member of the OML, would you please forward this letter to the OML for me? Thank you.

Joel Carlinsky

P.S. It is long past time that a committee was formed to address such menaces as the Weather Rangers and other dangerous miscreants who try to disrupt natural atmospheric functioning with mechanistic efforts to control weather. If you are interested in joining an orgonomic environmental protection group to police the misuse of cloudbusters, please let me know.

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