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31 October, 2008

The Beast Law

(Devin LaRue, this one’s for you)
Law, a governmental elemental, and a farce at best.
Law works for those weak in the mental,
and condemns all the rest.
Elemental: a force of nature concentrated into a being.
The Law Elemental is unnatural,
going against the Almighty, All Seeing.
By being governmental, It’s ruled out the bit about the Earth,
although the Earthly man gave this hellish beast birth.
Now, Law tramples across the nation,
trampling down the foundations of our Constitution
that was writ as a solution to the tyrannical ways of oppressors.
The successors of the Founders now flounder about
but continuously doubt.
.Damn the ways of our Leaders these days.
By now in the 90s we hold those truths to be irrelevant.
The Law Beast tramples across the countryside
toppling the Pillars of Justice
that we are told we must trust
to provide support to the roof of Liberty
and truth that is supposed to protect us
from the wrath of Hellfire
that will inevitably make it’s way through and cover our land
and cause the anarchy that can and must destroy Law.
Only when Law is dead
can we as a People rebuild and flourish
to provide the truths which can nourish the brains
of a starving people labeled insane.
If you had no food here,
would it be wrong to steal from the tables of those unwilling yet able to feed us?
And these tables of greed are surrounded by worshippers of Law, and their wealth is so vast that it is simply needless.

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