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31 October, 2008


I wrote this poem in 1993, in one sitting without edits. It flowed through me from elsewhere.

The Windward Walk

When e’re I walk this walk, the windward walk,
My heart takes solace from the wrath, the jealous talk.
These beings who shall seek for to destroy
That which they find they do not know,
These creatures, in their hearts find little joy,
As full they reap what past these fools did sow.

My yearning, uncontrolled, is for the truth
Which seeps through time until the end.
Yet n’er can I convey this sooth,
For thought, through words, God does not send.

The peacefulness of bliss,
For some a state unknown,
Is exit through remiss,
From deeds the winds have blown.

Yet I know deep, a knowledge from within,
Through encounter with the Blindness Light,
From out a place that holds no space for sin,
Through meditation in the dark of night.
The force which serves so tight to bind,
Methinks, whither we shall roam,
Is evermore within a sight of mind
Throughout a journey which just brings us home.

© 1993 Devin LaRue

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