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29 October, 2008

Chemical Halo

The Sun fades low with my eye-lids in tow...
I feel like a Fallen Angel with a chemical halo.
I know so much trouble,
it rests heavy on mind.
I try and find a quiet place to hide away,
to steel my face a find a way
to try and face another day.
I'd cry or pray
except there's only the Lords of the Numb here.
Best I can do is meditate on forsaking my hate
while the time for more Lithium comes near.
I'm told that my overseers fear me.
This is clearly a misoverstanding.
I'm not a bad man, I've just been dealt a bad hand.
I'm playing it out the best I can,
but sometimes the pressure is more than I can stand!
Gods Be Damned!!!!!!!

10/4/08 NTB, this is also on the Jane Crown Show, link in the poem below. Other Poems from the show are availible in a certain publication. just ask me where, and I'll let you know

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