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30 October, 2008

Bibliomancy inspired by Matrix: Reloaded

The following is from my private journal. It’s time for the hidden to become known. While watching Matrix: Reloaded, I was inspired to do what I’m told is called "bibliomancy", or divining from a book. More like hollywoodmancy then, right? Anyway, at the end of the movie, Neo(phyte) was talking to T.S.A.O.T.U and was told that "Zion will be destroyed. Twenty-three will be chosen to rebuild; 16 females, 7 males", or something to that effect.

23+16+7= Wisdom and Power of God

This, for some reason brought to mind the words the first shall be last and the last shall be first, which I knew to be in the Bible some damn where. So, I opened it to the New Testament, and with my word as my bond it opened to the page! It is in Matthew 19:30 and says in the Shakes-spear’s version "But many who are first shall be last; and the last shall be first" Heh. I’ll take for granted that any who are twisted enough to have kept reading and stayed up to speed with anything I’ve ever written already knows that the Bible is plagiarized from older works, and that language games are a big part of it’s corruption. So, what’s good for the goose… Matthew reminded me of two words- Ma’aat You.

Ma’aat is the divine intelligence. She is Balance, Justice, and Cosmic Law that binds both mortal and god alike. She is the Supreme WISDOM (23).
Power (16) is Orion, the Kingdom of Heaven is in the Orion Skies, and also represents Osiris, consort to Isis who is also represented as Ma’aat in some dynasties.
The preceding formula brought out the rest of it from me, which is that "Zion" will be saved by the Wisdom (23)and Power (16) of god (7). Wisdom, the Woman, comes first before the Power, the Man, when the reconciliation is swung. Such is the teachings of Matthew ( I Ma’aat YOU!) "first shall be last and the last shall be first"

At this time men suppress women through the compassion of the woman which allowed man to assume roles of Power. Again only by the leave of Wisdom is Power ,only, allowed to rule, wielded seemingly unchecked. However, that which was written shall be, and Wisdom shall usher forth the Kingdom, with Power following and supporting Her.
The Woman always came first. Her genetics are superior. She is more cunning, wndures more pain, and is the chalice from which the whole of the human race pours forth (Mother Nature, from Ninti). Her chromosomes are XX, while the man’s are XY. Note that the y is an X minus a piece.

In time the Woman shall regain her Throne, thus bringing forth a True Zion, and the fake as well as all disorder shall be laid waste. So must it be. Amuwn

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