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13 October, 2008

Obama Station

Obama Station
By Kirai

[Kirai is a Spanish blogger living in Japan. This information was relayed to us by Sauron, a Madrid-based blogger whose work can be seen at]

"There is a Japanese train station called Obama ("Little Beach", in Japanese) located in a town that bears the same name, reached by a train line also called Obama.

"When they learned that Barack Obama was running for office, the residents of Obama decided to join the event in a variety of ways, celebrating the coincidence as they did so. For example, a local company began producing "obama-manju" (manju is a Japanese sweet) and is reporting great sales. This is what they look like (see photo). The text reads: "Courage Obama" followed by the obama-manju logo.

The township of Obama and its residents have caused such a stir that even Barack Obama has learned of the existence of his namesake Japanese community."

(Translation (c) 2008 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to "Kirai" and "Sauron")

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