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31 October, 2008

I wonder

I Wonder...
If I told you who God is, and it came from the deepest, most sincere depths of my heart; and if it felt good and proper; would I be a liar? If I forsake all established paths, meditated instead of prayed, and said "God Is", would I be sinning? If I just lived; studied instead of philosophized and was good to my Mother and just hoped for the best in the end; would your God punish me eternally?
Can I drop to my knees and raise my hands in pain, shout to the skies and command your God to cease hell’s reign? Can I let a tear fall for the sake of Allah? Can I love a kafr for their goodness, and be just to all? Is Hellfire meant for me and Paradise just for ya’ll? How can I look forward to the unseen after all the manifest destruction I just saw?
Would I be tripping if I called on a Christian for help? Or if I turned to a 5%er to better overstand Self? Is the wealth of wisdom reserved strictly for scholars? Should I ignore profound insight if it comes from a baller? All this makes me wanna holler! Why do I bother to care? While the stars and stripes snipe on babies and bombs burst in the air? How can you dare push your truths to me? All that bullshit costs me my Peace. Shouldn’t Reality be free?

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