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31 October, 2008

Programming in 3s

My poetical flow attacks with facts that lame cat's can't grasp
and self-proclaimed pros only theoretically know.
Men of religion envision me dipped in sin from without to within
shining with a heretical glow.
But I'm not the foe.
Even if I spoke slow and put on a show laced with lifeless rap and back to back tracks of impractical common jargon,
really, I'd STILL hit you with more than you bargained.
There's a thin margin, between life and lies.
All the smoke and mirrors held together by etherial ties, and when the countdown goes from 720 to zero, you will die.
You seek the answer to "Why?",
but when you hear it you defy.
And that's crazy, it's like the thing you fear is blue sky!
It's that simple,
so get your hard-heeled shoes tied while I run you through time
and try to get you to climb mountains of knowledge.
I mean lessons deeper than fools seek from Ivy League college.
First I'm gonna expose what the secret to it ALL is...
You listening?
I think you're missing me.
You get shook and run to your crew and bite my back and try dissing me.
Maybe it's time you stop sipping communion wine and look at his-story.
Back to back volumes of elitist mystery,
and each one holding down a Trinity.
Like, two satellites in orbit around a divinity.
Recently it was Bullwinkle, Natasha and Boris.
Or go back, way back,, to Osiris, Isis, and Horus.
All these rules of three laid out before us!
So blatently repetitive, how the hell can you ignore this?!
Come on, let's you and me explore this.
Let's try and see if we can score a few more hits.
Like Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
or jelly butter and breakfast toast!
You got houseguest, lunch, and an excellent Host.
Do you see what I'm saying, are you even coming close?
Let me hit you again quick and make you sick with the overdose.
You've got Muhammad, Jabri'el, and Allah azawajell.
In Catholocism, there's purgatory, heaven and hell.
And now there's a trinity we know so well;
Illuminati judge, his peers for jury, and the bestower of death.
In this trial of life I'm the defense.
It's so not right and I object!
Now that you had a chance to reflect, is your head heavy on your neck?
Are you ready to face the nation you take place in and pack your bags to defect?
Jesus wept too, maybe for the same reasons as you.
Maybe he looked into the abyss of indoctrination and saw right through!
But if you're still holding the hand-rails on the trolley of mental folley riding the fast line to hell - afraid to let go of the lies you know so well - I'ma tell you the secret,
The reflected light of the star of the morning, once bright, grows pale.
It's about time to tell A-nu tale.
Time to paint a picture of fact that won't mislead the masses,
and won't have people believing in poisonous gasses.
See, I made a choice once and grasped this.
Now I can't rest 'til this Test is Mastered.
And all my goal is is to divert this Earth from imminent disaster.
'Cause right now this place is run by bastards
who know their moms but not their pops.
Shit, we're ALL gonna know when their horns are exposed
in the shadow of the flash of a thermonuclear blast if their baby-boy bomb drops. (father, son, holy ghost)
But the clock's arms won't stop,
spinning round 360 degrees back to the top twice making 720 degrees, right?
And only after the 6,000 years will it be revelaed the cream of the crop.
Now let me ask you this, has your fantasy stopped?

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