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07 February, 2009

2012 is a Hoax

2012 is a Hoax in a long line of hoaxes, just like Comet Hale Bopp, Y2K. A lot of people are making good money on the idea of the last days: filmmakers, authors, survivalists, ministers, "remote viewers" (biggest hoaxers!) and anyone who wants to get on the gravy train. The Mayan calendar, Terence McKenna's "novel" idea, Zecharia Sitchin's Planet X, Biblical Prophecy, Nostradamus, and all the rest of the hooha is all disparate information that doesn't necessarily correlate. The ideas are out there, but you must be careful of merging such disparate information into a "coherent" image of "end times."

Nothing is going to happen in the skies, but the shit will hit the fan when people start behaving like crazy fools. We will create our own Armageddon because we want entertainment so badly. Forget about 2012. Let it dissolve, don’t give it any thought. Otherwise, we have hell to pay.

Planet X / Nibiru (the brown dwarf star) that is twin to our sun doesn't come into the inner solar system at all. According to physicist Barry Warmkessel, it does cause galactic alignments which increase the likelihood for being hit by comets. This however could occur tomorrow or could occur in a hundred years. It has nothing to do with 2012.

People have wrongly merged Sitchin's Earth Chronicles novels with 2012. Even Sitchin himself has recently jumped on that, when earlier he wasn't even talking about the 2012 date. It's ALWAYS a good idea to be prepared, have plenty of food and water stored away, get your survivalist checklist out and have a plan. But this could have more to do with your own government shenanigans and failure of global banking than something in the skies!

Thanks for listening.


P.S. The best advice on the following video is "get your head out of your ass."

The sun will never be in the center of the galaxy.

Hi, i have a question about the sun alignment in the center of the galaxy in 2012. Will the sun be in the EXACT center of the galaxy? or just lined up/next to the center of the sun. If you can, can you explain this to me. (15 years old) Thank you very much.

I can’t explain it because it is just an Internet hoax. There is no alignment with the center of the Galaxy in 2012 or any time. As to the Sun being in the center of the Galaxy, that it impossible; the Sun and solar system will always remain at about 30,000 light years from the galactic center. These stories on the Internet are simply lies, and I am sorry if they have been a problem for you. A lot of the stuff on the Internet is wrong, and you have to learn to distinguish the truth from the lies. One simple test is to ask if any of these claims are made by real scientists, or if they have been reported in newspapers or on TV news. The stories about alignments or disaster striking in 2012 do not pass this test.

David Morrison
NAI Senior Scientist
July 7, 2008

Take the time to watch the film Kymatica and Get a Grip, People! This film explains the mythological archetypal relationships between myth, bible, astrology, astropsychology and catastrophism. It's awesome. Don't miss it whatever religion you subscribe to. Watch it without blinders! We're through the looking glass, people!


  1. The power of the mass media to influence the behavior of the bovine herd is inexhaustible. I still remember seeing people buying their 'generators' for "Y2K" as Art Bell generated the hype; just as George Noory etc, is now doing with 2012. Another CIA orchestrated scam.

  2. There was really a Y2K problem, but it was dealt with.

    When tests were run on important computer systems worldwide prior to the fix, there were serious problems caused by the date change to 2000.

    Millions of dollars were paid by companies that would have been affected to programmers who rewrote computer code to eliminate the problem.

    You cannot say because the massive efforts to correct the problem were successful that the whole thing was a hoax because nothing really bad happened.

    Yes many people made lots of money hyping the problem, and many later have made lots of money debunking it and calling it a hoax. That's always going to happen in these types of circumstances. Only morons believe such nonsense. (Well, that may be an insult to morons!)
    As for 2012 ... you're right. It's all hype and lies. The Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world or any calamity at all for that matter.

    On December 21, 2012, the Mayan "long count" calendar will complete a 5,126 era. The next day, the next 5,126 long count era begins. Prior to the current 5,126 year cycle, there was another cycle. The Mayan calendar has many cycles within cycles.

    Why anyone would lend credence to the calendar of a dead civilization that practice horrific human sacrifice is something only that person's internal demons can answer.
    As for anyone thinking our star, Sol, would ever be in the center of the galaxy (unless everything collapsed inward and we'd all then have been long dead!) ... will that person please report for sterilization, you are far too dumb to be allowed to breed.