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16 February, 2009

Obama’s Masonic Inauguration

Who is this handsome gentleman?

Go on over to this website and find out!

Read about Obama’s ritual Masonic Inauguration.

“Meet the New Boss, the Same as the Old Boss”

And have a great time.

Don’t forget to come back now, ya’ll hear?

1 comment:

  1. "Sirius, named the Dog Star because it is in the constellation of the Great Dog, has played a major role in occultism since ancient Egypt. The five-pointed star in every Freemasonic lodge represents Sirius, according to Albert Pike. The Sirius Mystery, by Robert K.G. Temple is an attempt to prove that visitors from Sirius landed in the Middle East about 4500 years ago and left a living occult tradition in that region and in parts of Africa and Europe. Temple uses two major sources of evidence: Egyptian-Sumerian mythology and the traditions of an African tribe named the Dogon, who still claim memories of the Sirians, who looked like fish-people and preferred to spend most of their time in the water." --R.A. Wilson