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01 February, 2009

CIA Destroyed Twin Towers

On February 27, 1933 the German Reichstag went down in flames. The Nazis incriminated a Dutch communist named Marinus van der Lubbe, while the rest of the world viewed it with scepticism as being ignited by the Nazis themselves. They hypothesized that the Nazis employed it as a convenient pretext to give Hitler new dictatorial fascist powers through the ensuing passage of the 'Enabling Act' of March 24.

Since WWII most historians, books, and politicians of the West enthusiastically support this 'conspiracy theory' that the Nazis destroyed the Reichstag, yet when confronted with the thematically related 'conspiracy theory' that the U.S. government demolished the World Trade Center on 9/11 and blamed it on Osama bin Laden they reject it completely.

One of the major anomalies of 9/11 was the extended delay of the government in sending up Air Force jets to intercept the "hijacked" planes, in spite of being notified and having ample time to prevent them colliding with the Twin Towers. Another unusual occurence was the total collapse of the buildings as if they came down from an internal controlled demolition. The government even admitted that they imploded WTC Building #7 years after the fact.

The scenario that most likely transpired was that the CIA(in collusion with the Israeli Mossad) remotely-controlled two rogue airliners into the WTC and then accordingly inculpated real or fictitious 'muslim terrorists' as the 'evil-doers'. This was done to precipitate America into a war upon innocent foreign middle-eastern nations, and to further diminish the civil liberties of U.S. citizens through the ironically named 'Patriot Act.' The owner of the WTC was Larry Silverstein. Maybe he is another of these 'loyal Americans' with dual Israeli citizenship.


  1. I think you're way off on this one. I will never believe the U.S. government destroyed those buildings, and although Israel has done some pretty terrible things in the past (as has the U.S. government) I do not believe they had anything to do with it either. I would take Israel over any Arab country any day.

  2. The 9/11 Commission Report did not "admit" to any implosion of Building 7. In fact it stated all three buildings came down by "fire" only. All three. However Larry Silverstein did admit in a PBS documentary called America Rebuilds that he and the fire dept decided to "pull" the building. He then retracted that, or acted like he never said it. Rudi Guiliani also stated in advance on 9/11 that the building was going to come down. I read that about 50 percent of New Yorkers believe all three buildings were imploded. They were there. They heard all the stories. They know what really happened.

    Notice that our friend Devin says "I will never believe". There are many people like him who simply refuse to believe there's a secret government running these covert ops and false flag ops, and that's exactly how they get away with doing these things in broad daylight. People just won't believe it. It's too preposterous. Well, I believe in preposterous things.

  3. From a collapse potential the long span, bar joist trusses used in the Tower construction was the most dangerous possible design. There is ample evidence that depending on the insulation thickness used in each tower the collapse timing corrisponded with the time to heat these steel trusses. It was evident from the bowing inward of the exterior columns that the sagging trusses pulled-in these columns on the long span side of each building beginning the progressive collapses.
    Arthur Scheuerman

  4. Also, the fire retardant insulation was not adequate at the top of the towers because of organized crime influence in the construction industry in New York. They skimped on the material but certified the job was done (which is par for the course in the construction industry). Detailed inspections of the insulation prior to 9/11 pointed out the inadequacy of the insulation. The new lease holder was going to have to repair this. Of course, they never should have published these reports pointing out the vulnerabilities of the towers to fire!

    I do agree, the construction technique - new at the time - was very dangerous and never should have been allowed.

    Personally, I'm glad the towers are gone, but regret people died. They should have been demolished. The towers were the ugliest pieces of crap I have ever seen.

  5. Arthur, There is nothing that can explain the freefall collapse of Building 7 in 10 seconds into its own footprint, with no extensive fire noted, 30 minutes AFTER its collapse was announced on BBC television - except a paranormal event (Indrid Cole?) or a Las Vegas style implosion (Rudi Guliani?).

    There's definitely a conspiracy here. Or Mothman did it.