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09 February, 2009

US Using British Atomic Weapons Factory for Its Nuclear Program

Guardian UK Report!

The US military has been using Britain's atomic weapons factory to carry out research into its own nuclear warhead programme, according to evidence seen by the Guardian.

US defence officials said that "very valuable" warhead research has taken place at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston in Berkshire as part of an ongoing and secretive deal between the British and American governments.

The Ministry of Defence admitted it is working with the US on the UK's "existing nuclear warhead stockpile and the range of replacement options that might be available" but declined to give any further information.

Last night, opposition MPs called for a full parliamentary inquiry into the extent of the collaboration at Aldermaston and campaign groups warned any such deal was in breach of international law. They added that it also undermined Britain's claim to have an independent nuclear weapons programme and meant British taxpayers were effectively subsidising America's nuclear programme.

The US president, Barack Obama, while on the campaign trail said he wanted to eliminate nuclear weapons and that one of his first actions on taking office would be to "stop the development of new nuclear weapons". But the Pentagon is at odds with the president. The defence secretary, Robert Gates, and other senior officials argue that the US's existing arsenal needs to be upgraded and that would not constitute "new" weapons.

The report comes just as Paranoia's 50th issue calls for NO NUKES!

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  2. Cool cover, good info.

    Yes there are no truly independent nations anymore, not since WWII anyways. That's why "america" uses "britain's" atomic factory. Britains is simply governed by the same banking caste as america, canada, russia, sweden, et al. Of course the immense mass of superfluous humanity are unaware of this. The cover ruling class understands that the best way to manage a one-world government is to make it appear that there is no one-world government; thus deflecting attention from themselves onto CIA created enemies such as saddam, ahmadinejad, bin-laden etc. But don't imagine that a "one-world government" means 'world peace' or the 'brotherhood of man', no the wars must go on, not to conquer enemy territory, but to conquer enemy minds.

  3. By maintaining the facade of individual independent nations each with its own particular government, flag, army etc., they conceal their global governance.