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12 February, 2009

An Inconvenient Debt

And here’s your “Inconvenient Truth”:

The Congressional Budget Office has said the House and Senate bills will result in so much government debt that within a few years it will crowd out private investment, actually leading to a lower Gross Domestic Product over the next ten years than if the government had done nothing.

What a bloody SCAM! How about hitting everybody’s paycheck up there on “The Hill” and on “Wall Street”? Hey, Big O? Nobody’s talking about THAT, are they?


  1. It's all part of their unfolding predetermined scheme. They have to do something with their time you know, so they organize an economic collapse or engineer a new war, just a day in the life of a billionaire banker.

  2. Inflation is least the Chinese fear the inflation of the dollar, not that they can do anything about it.

    Bob keeps saying the dollar won't inflate because the economy is based on typing...time will tell.

    ~Foo Fighter~