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18 February, 2009

Meet the Ameros

The Wall Street Journal's "Market Watch" of Jan. 28, 2009 published an article by Todd "Harrison" titled: "Do We Need a North American Currency?--Uniting U.S., Canada, Mexico money could result from crisis."

What was once relegated by the Establishment as a 'conspiracy theory' is now being disseminated by the mainstream CIA media as a potential reality. The article proposes the possibility that the U.S., Canada and Mexico might coalesce their money into the 'Amero', as a consequence of the 'economic collapse'. Of course what he doesn't tell the people is that this 'crisis' is a coordinated plan intentionally impelled by the machinations of the central banking families, (just as they engineered the 1929 Great Depression) to despoil people's assets and induce social change. Mr. Harrison remarks:

"The New World Order is upon us, full of hope, promise and a fair amount of fear. The ability to combine Canadian natural resources, American ingenuity and cheap Mexican labor would allow North America to compete better on a global scale."

Just as the global central bankers united the numerous European nations into the European Union with the Euro, now they may attempt a similar scheme in North America according to the Rupert Murdoch controlled Wall Street Journal. If they succeed in implementing this hypothetical design, then the ultimate conclusion will be the transformation of America/Canada over the ensuing decades into a pervasive third-world socioeconomic environment.

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