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16 February, 2009

Worst Economic Collapse in History Due in 2009!

Watch this interview!


  1. I almost posted this one yesterday! It's really good! He makes great points: We're using 1930s models to get us out of a 21st century "depression". There's no word to use for what's coming. "Depression" doesn't describe it. Third World describes it better.

    "When people lose everything, they lose it." Off with their heads!, another "Revolution" is finally coming. A tax revolt!

    The Obama team: "By their deeds you shall know them." Buy gold, with what?

  2. I'm sure Mr. "Celente" has his millions in bank accounts too.

    Just as the 1929 Depression was a pre-meditated scam arranged by a small cabal of banking families that control the government; so is this current economic meltdown artificially induced.