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17 February, 2009

Eliot Spitzer's lawsuit against Glaxo-Smith-Kline

Interesting. I just came upon this by accident.

What happened to this lawsuit after Eliot Spitzer was “taken out”?

Did it get dropped? Anyone know?

Glaxo faces criminal action in Britain over ‘suicide’ pills

Paul Durman and Dominic Rushe

GLAXO SMITH KLINE is facing a potential criminal prosecution for allegedly failing to inform British health regulators about the suicide risks associated with Seroxat, its blockbuster anti-depressant.

Officials at the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) launched an investigation into Glaxo because of concerns that Britain’s biggest pharmaceutical group had withheld important data from clinical trials.

This showed that Seroxat could cause an increased risk of suicide and “self-harm” if prescribed to depressed teenagers.

The MHRA and the Committee on Safety of Medicines only received full details of the trials in May last year. Within two weeks, the MHRA announced a ban on giving Seroxat to children under 18 — the first regulator in the world to take such a step. Shortly afterwards, the US Food and Drug Administration issued similar, though less categorical, advice to doctors.

The MHRA investigation is expected to report its findings shortly. This weekend the MHRA said it “treats very seriously any failure to comply with the law. Last year, the MHRA announced that it would investigate Glaxo to make sure the company had complied with its legal obligations under UK and European law.” Drug companies are obliged to report new evidence that changes the balance of risks and benefits of using their products.

Depending on its findings, the MHRA could choose to prosecute either Glaxo as a company or go after named individuals. If found guilty, the penalties could include fines or imprisonment.

The MHRA action comes when Glaxo is still reeling from allegations last week that it had “engaged in repeated and persistent fraud by misrepresenting, concealing and otherwise failing to disclose” important information about the safety and efficacy of Seroxat, which is known as Paxil in America. The company must defend itself against a lawsuit from Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney-general who first came to prominence after taking on the abuses of Wall Street banks during the technology boom.

These are all 2004 news reports! What happened to this lawsuit?

I can't find anything newer than 2004 on this story! What happened to it? The trail has gone as cold as Eliot Spitzer!

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  1. Keep the dumb masses constantly drugged so they pose no threat to the ruling class.