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09 February, 2009

The Face on Mars

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In 1976 the NASA "Viking" spacecraft orbited and photographed the planet Mars revealing what resembles ruined pyramidal geological formations and a gargantuan face existing on the surface in a region labeled "Cydonia." NASA of course affirms they are all natural configurations, while others, especially author Richard C. Hoagland, attest to their artificial construction.

In September 1958 Harvey Comic book series issue #2 published a story written and drawn by Jack Kirby entitled: "Race for the Moon." The cover reveals a mammoth alien Face on Mars, similar to the one seen in the famous Viking pictures. Random coincidence or intentional revelation by the occult oligarchy?

Any sane or honest government would immediately organize a manned expedition to Mars after the appearance of the tantalizing Viking photos were made public, instead of emphatically discounting them.


  1. Yes, NASA wastes a lot of money taking pictures of “top priority target areas” and comes back with pictures of rocks. As Sitchin once said, when they look for “intelligence” in the solar system, they’re looking for “smart rocks”.

    Foreign planet! NASA actually said that. HAHA!

    “Billed in the official NASA press kit as carrying “the most powerful telescopic camera ever sent to a foreign planet …”

  2. Yeah that's right. In the year 2000 Hollywood produced a movie called "Mission to Mars". Set in the year 2020 astronauts discover a giant face on Mars and then gain entrance into it. They learn that Mars once was inhabited by intelligent alien life until an 'asteroid' collided with it(velikovsky, sitchin). Before Mars became completely desolated the Martians seeded earth with life(panspermia) which resulted in the appearance of 'homo sapiens' millions of years later; similar to Hoagland's notion that "we are the martians".

    The media-masters also have a new TV show on ABC called 'Life on Mars', as though they are attempting to condition the masses with this eventual reality or revelation. Of course hidden government of bankers also own Hollywood and the tv networks, thus providing a medium to promote their ideas upon the people.