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07 February, 2009

Gaza: An alternative view behind the politic (expanded/revised)

LOTS of new information. Wanna get paranoid?? All the information included is painstakingly derived from mainstream or reliable sources [annotated]- also check out the appended 'Orwellian Notes' From penucquem, the ex Special Forces intelligence guy and retired investigator ;)


  1. The best example to comprehend the conflict in Gaza(or Iraq, Korea,Vietnam, etc) is to compare it to a Hollywood movie. Both have hired producers, writers, directors and actors, and while the film in the cinema ends around two hours, the "movie" in Gaza goes on for years/decades. Both are devised to serve the same end: distract the masses with unimportant escapist entertainment to control their minds and hence their perceptions/actions. Instead of the subject peoples identifying who their exploiters are, they are instead focused upon state-created diversionary news and "social issues."

    It has been verified that Israel funds Hamas(its supposed enemy), similar to how the U.S. delivered billions in money and material to the USSR during the phony 'Cold War', which was then directed against American troops in Vietnam. When both sides are controlled by the same people, then what you are watching is not real, but a manufactured event or "movie" with a fixed script designed to sustain the power of the hidden overlords.

  2. Instead of the subject peoples of the west(for that's who the propaganda is primarily produced for) identifying and working to depose their exploiters, they are instead focused upon state-created diversionary news and 'social issues.'