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02 February, 2009

Gaza War Crimes

Charges Filed Against 15 Israeli Officials

International attorneys have filed war crime charges against 15 Israeli political and military officials including Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak.

Palestinian and international efforts continue to institute legal proceedings for the prosecution of Israeli officials in the commission of war crimes.

Although Israeli forces are involved in thousands of cases, local experts such as the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights believe that the recent major attacks on the Gaza Strip will be successfully prosecuted.

“They were well-documented, televised and the world was paying attention,“ a member of the Gaza City team commented.

After the very public detection of large-scale atrocities which included the use of white phosphorus bombs in enclosed civilian areas and the liquidation of children there is little defense, PNN reported.

Fifteen specific names are now pending for prosecution in The Hague’s war crimes tribunal.


  1. When will charges be filed against the Palestinians who keep firing rockets into Israeli residential neighborhoods? Never, of course. If rockets were being fired from Canada into U.S. neighborhoods, all you Jew-hating imbeciles would be clamoring for a U.S. invasion of Canada.

  2. Hey Joan! It's nice to see you're a fan of The Iran Daily (The images are from:

    Perhaps you should visit Iran and see how a just society treats women.

    Why do you lend so much credence to radical Muslims? If they were in power in the United States, they would end-up stoning you to death!

    We are paying the price now for the failure of our ancestors to win The Crusades and stamp out Islam. It is a monstrous religion, as were Judaism and Christianity once. However, the difference is Judaism and Christianity evolved into ethical beliefs that promote peace, whereas Islam has evolved in a way that is bringing it back to the barbarically violent and bloodthirsty roots of its founder, Mohamed, the madman raper of little girls (and probably boys too).


    I am reporting a story that has appeared across the internet today on many news groups about the use of white phosphorous on children in Gaza. The news was reported in many countries. Internationally. Not coming from one country.

  4. Jeremy,

    Why don't you lob a chemical rocket over my fence and melt my dog?

    I don't hate Jews at all. I love all children and none of them should be burned or liquified due to any sorry defunct religious border quarrels.

    It's more than I can say for Mars warrior males, who should be boiled and brined in their own sauce and eaten by powerful Venusian women and their hungry children.