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15 April, 2009

The Art of Taunting, revised/expanded/complete

The final chapter in my "Orwellian Notes" series of investigative articles evolved to a format of satire to preserve perspective on insanity...

Lots of new, frighteningly real new information derived from reliable sources by the former special forces operations and intelligence sergeant and retired civil investigator in his alter ego 'penucquem'

Point shaving arguments before the Supreme Court to benefit corporations, releasing highly trained sociopathic killers into society that should be in jail for life for wars crimes, Bible study freaks that just happen to be American commanding generals plot prophecy fullfillment to achieve Armageddon, and much, much more from the author who has escaped multiple assassination attempts and survived to post this... Many thanks to paranoidsonline ;)

The article title (above) is the link to Orwellian Notes Part 3

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