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03 April, 2009

Where Obama is going on vacation

Barackobamun in Baden-Baden

by Christopher Knowles

Barackobamun is in Europe, and the press is alight with prefab stories on "tension" between the US and its NATO allies. Which, of course, automatically means that everyone will be giving each other backrubs and handjobs all week. These stories are for the benefit of the rubes back home.

One of his stops will be in the resort town of Baden Baden, right off of the Autobahn. Just outside of Baden Baden (in fact it's right off the exit for the town) is the not-so-world famous Autobahnkirche, officially known as St. Christophorous.

See more pics of this resort at The Secret Sun:

“The stained glass windows make the Denver Airport murals look like Norman Rockwell.”

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