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28 April, 2009

Hymn to Pan-ic Over New York

Today is April 27th. Written in military/governmental idiom, it is 27 April--that is, 27-4.

Before we replay the top news story of the day (particularly for New Yorkers), let's perform a little kabbalistic gematria. Add the first two digits, 2+7, and we get 9. Add the last two, 7+4, and we get 11. If you missed it: that's 9/11.

So what happened today? Here's what the panic-stricken in New York looked up and saw: a Boeing 747, said to be one of President Obama's official planes (Air Force One), and an F-16 make a circumambulation (such parading around in circles is common in lodges) around the old French masonic gift, the Statue of Liberty (designed by Brother Frederic A. Bartholdi, 1834-1904), before buzzing the lower Manhattan skyline near the World Trade Center site.

This little operation was later described as a "photo op," but was also revealed to have been a Department of Defense operation. We were told that the plane was ordered to fly near "national landmarks," which may well have been a masonic jest--a "landmark" is a basic masonic term for the "unchangeable precepts" of freemasonry.

Of course you bought that one, right? The Department of Defense has nothing better to do than shoot some pics. Who would question that?

Just about anyone.

To those scratching their heads, I have another suggested explanation: panic is useful to the government.

Panic foments chaos. Chaos creates opportunity--the opportunity to bring "order out of chaos," or Ordo Ab Chao, generally through a loss of liberty--yes, that "lady" whose statue was first ritually placed in the symbolic Circle of control, common to basic occult operations.

Scientist and OTO leader Jack Parsons used to recite Aleister Crowley's Hymn to Pan before each rocket launch. If it wasn't recited before this little panic-inducing airplane mystery ritual, it should have been.

Of course, if anyone wants to believe that the military does photo-ops involving Air Force One calculated to revive the horror of 9/11, it's a free country--at least, we're told it is. Just ask Lady Liberty, frozen in her immobile posture.


  1. With absolute power one can do and get away with anything. Every society invariably reflects the quality of those who govern it. Sane individuals of value who acquire power attempt to improve their nation/people, while the insane or iniquitous will participate in overt and covert conspiracies to further its degeneration according to their specific beliefs or psychoses.